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Freelance Writer

The Internet is like a large marketing playground, and to play there you need quality content on an ongoing basis.

You can purchase pre-written full rights articles from me that you can adapt to your needs or publish under your own name.  

Clients have used my articles in their online magazines, local home improvement publications, as freebies for their clients on their websites, or as blog posts.  

Clients have also asked me to write small website blurbs, pamphlet material, mail-out write-ups, and eBooks.  

I rewrite for ESL/EAL clients to make their sentences coherent and their piece sparkle.

I do proofchecking of websites and client's writing and make editorial changes as needed.

A few themes I've specialized in include small business marketing, real estate, home improvement, life coaching, and self-improvement themes. I also write for the Christian marketplace.

* I'm happy to look at your projects via email

To find out more and find pre-written articles for sale, visit my  writing page.

Life Purpose Coach®

Need a cheerleader? As a Christian life coach*, I will cheer you on as you make life, business, or career decisions. 

There are multiple reasons a woman might choose life coaching.  After a move, for instance, it can feel lonely. Working with a life coach can help fill the gap until you find your new local network.

If you or your spouse are in some type of transition, a life coach will help you walk through it.  This is especially helpful for  those situations you need to keep confidential, but that you need to express lest you burst. 

I specialize in Christian life purpose, mindset, and midlife issues.     

*Certified as a Life Purpose Coach® in 2006 and 2007 with Life Purpose Coaching Centers, International. 

Learn More about Life Coaching.  


You can purchase my art as prints to decorate your office, home, or to use digitally as needed.  

As a child, I discovered a love for art whether it was making paper flowers or sketching pictures of cats.  I studied art throughout high school. I've recently returned to creating art and have discovered the most creative release is through painting from my soul by letting my paintbrush lead rather than trying to paint from an image.  

See my Art for Sale.


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