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Freelance Writer

Writer Biography

You probably already know the power of adding fresh content to your website, blog, or other online marketing system; content that says something of value to draw in customers. The Internet is like a large marketing playground, and to play there you need quality content. 

Some areas I specialize in include web content articles, website blurbs, blog posts, pamphlet material, mail-out write-ups, and eBooks.  

Some topics I specialize in include small business marketing, social media, life coaching themes, real estate, home improvement, human relations, and self-improvement. Let me mention, Joy R. Calderwood is a pen name I use so my other clients don't become confused when searching for me under my real name.

I try to focus on a “why” and "what" — Why would your reader want to read this? — What will your reader take away? — What action might your reader take next? — How will this article entice him or her to take action? 

All that aside, the Internet is my school. I do constant research so I am better able to help my customers. Also, for several years I've gotten a
good overview of the ever-changing business world through work as an audio transcriptionist for stock-market listed organizations around the world. 

I do my writing virtually in a (usually) sunny multi-windowed home office in the country. I have a cozy fireplace, two comfy wing chairs, and a loveseat in my office. I have windows on every side so I can watch the weather, enjoy the wild birds that visit my feeder, and keep an eye on the plants and flowers in the adjacent perennial gardens.

*I rarely consult with clients by phone.  I'm happy to look at your project via email


Artist Biography

I discovered a love for art as a child whether it was making paper flowers or sketching pictures of cats.  I studied art all through high school and it was one of my Grade 13 core subject choices.   

Over time, I've dabbled with a variety of media. 
Finally, I've found release from the frustration of perfectionism by dabbling in abstract and more free-form art.  I've learned to paint as my brush leads instead of trying to perfect a copy of a snapshot.  As a result, many of my new paintings are born from imagination and somewhere deep in my soul. 

See my Art for Sale.

Life Purpose Coach®

I trained as a Life Purpose Coach® in 2006 and 2007 with Life Purpose Coaching Centers, International.  I've since enjoyed helping women find greater direction through telephone coaching sessions and through self-guided curriculum I've developed.

Learn More about Life Coaching, here. 

Let's Connect 

An introvert at heart, I count on my dog and cat to keep me company as I work. I prefer to communicate via email.

I love to drink coffee, eat healthy snacks, participate in local meetups, walk my dog, workout at a local gym, watch a variety of dramatic TV shows with my husband, and interact with other work-from-home freelancers via Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. Feel free to friend me on Facebook here:

Please email me for information.  Return soon.

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