Rosalie Garde - Writing Portfolio
Rosalie Garde -  Freelance Writer      Artist     Certified Life Purpose Coach®



Links to published sold articles:

(* Most are published under my pen name Joy R. Calderwood.  if you see another author's name attached, it means I've sold them full rights which includes the right to use their own name.)




A few online publications

where my work appears:

(Forgive me if any sites 
are no longer in service.)

Horton Group
ie Family
Madison Art Shop
OC Family
OC Mom Mag 
Mom skoop
Tree Beginnings

Womens Focus Wichita
WQ Mag
Madison Art Shop 
Pets Open Guide
Remaking June, Cool Finds for Modern Moms
Tree and Floral Beginning, Inc.
Bright Step
Career and Job

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