Rosalie Garde - Life Coaching Services
Rosalie Garde -  Freelance Writer      Artist     Certified Life Purpose Coach®

My Life Coaching Mission:

 To be an authentic skilled guide that helps 
women walk their journey 
experiencing self-empowerment 
that results in life fulfillment while carrying 
out the work they were put on earth to do.

Local Cambridge, Kitchener, ON
 in-person sessions
are available starting in 
September, 2017.
3 sessions for $99 ($33 a 50 min session)
payable in advance with a contract.
Email me to inquire.

I am also available to work with groups on various themes. 
Price to be determined.

I'm certified as a life coach to women. 

Life Coaching includes conversations all about you, with the goal of helping you walk through whatever you may be facing, enabling you to set goals and move forward.  As your coach, I become your personal accountability partner and cheerleader. 

A variety of tools, assessments, and homework are available.

Self-Coaching Tools for Christian Women 

The tools below are great for working through
challenges without the help of a coach.

Guidance for those times when God seems silent and no new door seems to be opening

For the Christian Midlife Woman who feels she's having a Midlife Crisis


Midlife Crisis Checklists is designed to use in addition to the above book, but can stand alone. 

For the woman who feels stuck and wants to know what to focus on. 

Module 1 is your first stop on the road to designing your MTR.  

Who are you now?
How do you protect your heart?
How do you move forward?

Also see  "Design Your Midlife Transition Roadmap (MTR) website: 

BLOGS for Christian women:

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