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Rosalie Garde -  Freelance Writer      Artist     Certified Life Purpose Coach®

Christian-Based Life Coaching


I'm certified as a life coach to women. My foundation for life coaching is Christian (as opposed to New Age, secular, etc.) Why? Because we are MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT. Steps are more powerful when God is behind them!

While life coaching isn't the same as therapy, it feels therapeutic. Add it into your self-care routine!

We all need support through various life issues whether through simple goal-setting or walking through transition. A life coaching session with me will include conversation where you are free to share about your current struggles in confidence. 


I enjoy using hands-on exercises for those that are comfortable with that kind of thing. A session may include making lists, art journalling (pouring out your heart through colour, words and pictures), meditative thought-processing or expression using tools such as rocks, paper, (and, yes, scissors), creating a vision board, goal setting with Post-it Notes, etc. 

A session is typically 55 minutes. I can meet you at any number of public locations or in my or your home. I have a long-distance phone plan should you prefer telephone coaching. 


Life coaching is NOT covered by medical insurance plans. Because of that and because I know the value of life coaching, I have reduced rates. I view 50% of my $75 fee as a ministry because I really want to be there for you when you need the help!

You will pay $37.50 per session through PayPal or eTransfer. I want the women who need life coaching most to be able to justify adding it to their lives. Email me to set up a complimentary call. 

As your coach, I become your personal accountability partner and cheerleader--someone to walk through life's challenges with. 

My Life Coaching Mission:

 To be an authentic skilled guide that helps 
women walk their journey 
experiencing self-empowerment 
that results in life fulfillment while carrying 
out the work they were put on earth to do.

Cambridge, Kitchener, ON
 in-person sessions
available starting 
September, 2017.
payable in advance with a contract.
Email me to inquire.

Long-distance phone sessions 
also available.

I am available to work with groups on various themes such as creating a vision board, 
art journalling, goal setting, 
life-direction assessments... 
Prices to be determined.

Now field-testing a community program. 
I will visit your senior parent in their home, coffee shop, or care facility for 
a 45 min appointment as their coach. 
The session will include active
listening, goal setting, 
and feedback to the family. The goal is
to provide positive motivation and
to the client.
$37.50 a visit Guelph, Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo
payable through PayPal or
eTransfer - transportation included

A series of visits is advised.

Self-Coaching Tools for Christian Women 

The tools below are great for working through
challenges without the help of a coach.

Guidance for those times when God seems silent and no new door seems to be opening

For the Christian Midlife Woman who feels she's having a Midlife Crisis


Midlife Crisis Checklists is designed to use in addition to the above book, but can stand alone. 

For the woman who feels stuck and wants to know what to focus on. 

Module 1 is your first stop on the road to designing your MTR.  

Who are you now?
How do you protect your heart?
How do you move forward?

Also see  "Design Your Midlife Transition Roadmap (MTR) website: 

BLOGS for Christian women:

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